søndag 13. desember 2009

A nice and windy sunday trip to Torquay

95 km south-west from Melbourne, lies the city of Torquay - a sleepy surfer and beach town. Good place to go for surfing lessons or sky diving.
(I don't think I'll ever sky dive - but I started to think that I might try surfing lessons next time!)

A friend (a Singaporian friend of a Norwegian friend actually) was going there with her husband who had booked surf lessons - and they asked me to come since I have never been there before. It was very nice of them having me tag along - I really like to travel by car and I really like the ocean:D

So while he was surfing - we went for a fish & chip take-away lunch by the beach side and then sat by the beach in a sun tent (which threatened to escape with the heavy wind).

So, this sunday as well goes into the bunch of nice Melbourne sundays:)
I wish the week had at least two of them.

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