tirsdag 15. desember 2009

My first day with really hot weather - Can I handle 38 degrees?

Obviously not. I was dizzy from the heat. However, it could have been worse (I could have fainted?).

But see the chart! The temperature drops 20 degree within 24 hours! I think I will have more problems adjusting to different temperature through the same day - then adjusting to just heat.

I wish for a better body thermostat for christmas!

4 kommentarer:

  1. How many clothes do you have to bring with you to adjust to all the temperatures? And when are you off for the Christmas break?

  2. In my bag I usually carry these weather-related items:

    - sun screen
    - sun glasses
    - lip balm for sun sore lips
    - long socks or stockings (for short pants or dress)
    - my Norwegian autumn jacket
    - half jacket (if I am wearing singlet that doesn't protect my back and arms)

    I also usually carry:

    - map over Melbourne in case I am lost
    - mosquito spray cause I am allergic to mosquitos
    - allergy tablets
    - itching creme for mosquito bites
    - book in case of Tram traffic jam

    ++ other stuff..

    The result is that I always carry this giant bag around... And also my laptop and laptop charger when I am off to work.

    Sight! I will be very strong after 6 months of carrying all this.

    I am off for christmas break on this tuesday:) What about you?

  3. Hi W,
    I was asking yo dad that u wish for a body temp for christmas. John, where to get it? and he said"Jeg vet ikke"
    Wow,so much handy things in yo bag. Me - I duuno know what rubbish I have in my bag which I carry to work everyday,hee!hee!
    God tur to S`pore and God Jul.

  4. Oops! I wish to correct "body temp" to "body thermostat" Sorry!
    Mum again.