tirsdag 1. desember 2009

My lagging jet lag and the Aussie curly sinks

I thought I was super lucky and had managed to escape the dreaded Jet Lag.

When in Singapore I managed to wake-up-rise-and-shine and basically jump out of bed the three first days - then suddenly I just couldn't wake up anymore and was back to a strange daily rythm which didn't match either Singapore or Norwegian time. After coming to Melbourne - it got even worse. I must therefore admit I have spent most of the first couple of days here in sleep! So every night at 2 AM I have been tearing out my hair and counting sheeps, wombats, marks on the wall and everything just to be able to fall asleep! I am hoping it is getting better now - as I have just started working or I will be that awful tired yawning Norwegian PhD-student!

Also I find the sinks here too curly:

Do they look like that in Norway? Isn't it a bit unrational to make the sink that way?

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  1. Hope you get cured of your alien sleeping rythm and can get some normal and timely sleep again :)

    Looking for some nice pictures when you wake up ;)

    As for the sink, the curvation you see is where you can keep all the rings and other jewellery you loose in the sink. Then it is only a matter of screwing the pipe loose, get your jewellery and be happy. It beats running down to the sea trying to find out where the pipe ends and hope to catch your tiny earpiece as it swims with various other flushed items :)
    Should be the same with the toilet, but not the shower nor bathtub...