mandag 20. desember 2010

Testing test test

Hi test test testing

fredag 26. februar 2010

Go happy punk cabaret!!

Went to an absolutely super Amanda Palmer-concert at Melbourne Forum Theatre. Played many Dresden Dolls songs as well! The warm-up band, Michelangelo and the 1.5 night standers was also fun and good! And the audience was a lovely mixture of black dressed adolescents, fun mohawks-haired people, regulars and even some old people with white hair. The music was also just the perfect concoction of happy-dark-depressed-angry-fun tones and lyrics.

Listen to her here - if you haven't heard about her before!!

søndag 21. februar 2010

Happy people and short movies at Federation Square

Had a wonderful Sunday evening at federation square with Emily and her dog Dusty who charmed all females within a two meter radius, happy people and 16 short movies at Tropfest - the worlds largest filmfestival!

lørdag 20. februar 2010

Music in the park II - Bohemian Rapsody

The sun setting over the audience at Sydney Myer Music Bowl
Went to the second Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Bohemian Rapsody was theme this time.

Unfortunately, I had been destroyed by my one-hour virgin tennis session earlier in the day, so I half slept my way through the wonderful music and even had a little dream which included a orchestra in a park (.......).

Emily and Tim with his helmet (one never really can trust the orchestra for not throwing instruments at the audience....)

Tennis virgins at Orrong

First time tennis was great even though me and Annika (also a tennis virgin) didn't always hit the ball. (Sorry kids playing a more serious game next to us!).

After running around for one hour on the court in the burning hot 33 degrees Orrong Park Tennis court sun, we were exhausted and my face was lobster red. Need a tennis teacher next time to play by actual rules!

Exhausted tennis champion

fredag 19. februar 2010

The Drowsy Chaperone!

Friday night musical "Drowsy Chaperone" at the Arts Centre with Helena the British Statistician.
I absolutely loved the music, the dancing and Geoffrey Rush!!
And I want to learn how to tap dance now!

onsdag 17. februar 2010

Music in the park I - Romantic tunes

Me and visiting Norwegian Tirill attended the first Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert in the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. They are having four outdoor concerts in all - and all are free!!
Romantic favorites was the theme this time. We brought picnic rugs, pizza and beers and squeezed in between snoggling love birds.
The music was spectacular!

Me and my lovely little creatures beer