onsdag 25. november 2009

Nightflying Singapore-Melbourne with Airbus 380

I sat on the upper deck of the worlds greatest passenger plane and I ran down the stairs twice just because I was able to:)

Again, the movies was good, the food was very super, but this time the trip itself was very bumpy - and I didn't manage to sleep with two very joyful passengers next to me enjoying free drinks and comedies all night through! Gruff!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Mmmm, Singapore Airlines. Kinda jealous now :)

    Sorry it had to be on a bumpy ride with noisy neighbours :(

    I think such times calls for champagne, or another classy beverage with not so good taste. Then you could either fall asleep snoring or join the noisy neighbours :)

  2. You are of course correct! I should have joined my joyful neighbours. T

    Mmmm, but they were however a bit annoying so the champagne might have made me even more aggravated. Bumping into a drunken fist fight on the worlds greatest passenger plane was not what I was looking for at the moment!

  3. Thats true, drunken fistfights are best kept outside of flying machines :)

    I have heard that red wine and redbull are a great mix in warm weather, but should of course be enjoyed responsibly and not while aggravated ;)

  4. Ew:( Red wine and redbull - you must be kidding!