onsdag 25. november 2009

Food list and some pictures from Singapore for Mum:)

During my Singapore visit I enjoyed:

- Bulgogi and Kim Chi at a small Korean shop next to my hotel at Tajong Pagah

- Sushi at Sakae sushi at Bugis Junction (Note to Mariann: I tried the rainbow maki and not the dragon roll:)

- Dim Sun at VivoCity Foodcourt with my own good ncompany and my three good friends: Shanghai Soup Dumplings, Siu Mei, and a third type of dumpling I am sorry I do not remember the name of.

- The earlier mentioned Ceral Prawns and Black Pepper Crab with veggies with dear Vadi at Jumbo Seafood - Thanks for the treat:)

- Maxwell foodcourt with dear cousin Cheryl and carrot cake, sticky rice inside leaf, pao with barbeque pork, fried gyoza (japanese dumplings) and a bit soya bean desert and avocado smoothie.

- Hainese chicken rice and chinese green good vegetables at the Foodcourt on top of the Amara at Tajong Pagar.

- And then at last sliced beef and chili, sweet and sour fish (1 S$ only), some other very good fish, and a really nice veggie dish at the Crystal Jade Restaurant at Changi Airport with Vadi followed be a marshmellow lattè before heading off to Melbourne.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Mmmm, food :) And I kinda miss the foodcourts, mixing meals of my own liking and never having to decide on a single type of food to eat :)

    You didn't go to cheese cake factory heaven coffee shop, or any of the other desert places?

    I thought Singapore was the country of deserts after every meal? Hope you make it up with plenty of sweets in Australia :)

  2. We went to The Coffee Connection (TCC) and had nutty something creamy nice ice drink - and also marshmellow latte. But no ice cream.

    Lots of new desert places have come since you last went there. For instance Waffle something house - with ice cream in warm waffles with chocolate and nuts on. I will try that during Christmas! New and improved Singapore - you should go there!

    Apparently Singapore has become the country of eating so much every meal that there are hardly room for a big desert.

    I have seen several chocolate cafees here - I think they have lots and lots of nice and dangerous sweets and deserts!

  3. Mmmmmmm, I really should come for a visit again. And I am sure my body would love me for it ;)

    Luckily I have an extra desert-stomach that will never get filled with main courses. Nice and dangerous sweets are always welcome, especially in the form of chocolate.

    Just remember that christmas is a feast, so dont hold back and just enjoy yourself. You can always loose it again on the beach sufring or something :)

  4. I will not hold back on anything during Christmas! Christmas is the time for stuffing your body full with good food and deserts - and then take you can make new years resolutions about eating less and dieting afterwords! Its a bit like catholic confessions!