lørdag 28. november 2009

My home for the next month

After two nights staying at a hotel with a swimming pool near the Melbourne Zoo, I move all my stuff closer to the city center to my new home for the next month. It is quite okay - except the kind of dirty looking walls, and some other details. I have put up some drawings and stuff on the walls. I have also hung up all my dresses here and there - so now it looks a bit better. Oh, and my bed can be put inside a closet!!

Here are the pictures from the website:

I have one small balcony and one suicide french balcony with no fence in front. Here is the view taken from the balcony door which I dared to open:

I like the rooftop view!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice apartment :) Looks very bright and designy :)

    And as long as the bathroom and bed are ok, the walls doesn't really matter. And with great weather comes alot of outdoor activities :)

    All you need now is a surfboard on the wall ;)

  2. The apartment feels better now:)I have hung up seom dresses and pictures on the walls. And I got new towels, bed linnens and a clean floor today! Send me surfboards!