tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Yarra Valley Wineries and the Dandedongs III: Finally wine:)

Tasting different wines at Rochelle with other eager wine tasters (whereas I am sure I saw none actually using the spitting bucket)

After birds and trains, we are finally ready for visiting the wineries.

First off is Rochelle, where we get an introduction to wine tasting and try wines with different types of grapes. (I get aggrevated by drinking Merlot). Afterwords, we get to taste different types of fudge (mmmmmm)

Then we head off to Chandon, which is mainly known for their production of champagne from Champagne and sparling wine in other countries (like here in Australia).

Toasting too sparkling wine with other day trippers (here Soon from South-Korea) at Chandon.

Winery Chandon

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